ZEMA’s Partner Spotlight on Quantum Commodity Intelligence

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What services does Quantum provide?

Quantum Commodity Intelligence is a price reporting agency that publishes daily price assessments, news and trade data for the global oil, refined products, biofuels and carbon credits markets.

What Makes Quantum Unique?

Quantum’s market leading carbon pricing and news service has the widest range of carbon prices available and the broadest news coverage. 

The energy service provides industry standard market data in an accessible package, as well as breaking news alerts, and our biofuels coverage is continually evolving to include new fuels and environmental markets as they emerge.

How are your customers benefiting from Quantum’s Products and Services?

Quantum’s customers are able to use our data to quickly understand where a market is trading, and what will likely happen next.

Quantum’s price indexes help facilitate trading by minimizing risk, reducing the time and effort taken to agree contracts and allow subsequent valuation, reporting, market analysis and investment planning.

Quantum is all about the energy transition – that’s their reason for being!

The markets we cover represent the shift away from fossil fuel dependency, and the voluntary carbon credit market is a rapidly growing mechanism to channel financing towards helping us all decarbonize. The more timely, accurate and useful our market intelligence is, the more it will assist the market to evolve and develop.

How ZE and Quantum Commodity Intelligence work together

As a trusted partner of Quantum Commodity Intelligence, you can access Quantum’s data through ZE PowerGroup’s award-winning ZEMA platform. Customers can now access Quantum’s price reporting including cash commodity price assessments, news and data for the crude oil, refined product, biofuel and carbon markets.

By combining the strength and depth of Quantum’s data, insight and analysis and with the advanced data management and analytics capabilities of the ZEMA, clients are able join the dots between all points of the energy and emission chain while enabling the transition to a greener, cleaner world and help customers make assured and better informed decisions.

In addition to the Quantum pricing data on ZEMA, Quantum clients have access to over 1,400 data sources, forward curves and an interactive dashboard showing latest market trends and analytics.

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Contact us: contact@qcintel.com

Find out how we can work together with Quantum. Speak to Andrew Goodwin, Business Development Director at Andrew.goodwin@qcintel.com



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