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Who is IGNITE?

The Future of Advanced, Multi-Dimensional Commodity Trading Software Is Here.

IGNITE is an award-winning, ultramodern, commodity (and energy) trading and risk management (C/ETRM) platform, specializing in transactional strategies related to the buying and selling of commodities, management of associated risk profiles, and administration of accounting, and logistics related activities.

IGNITE’s mission has remained steadfast – to provide the most advanced, multi-commodity Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivered, C/ETRM platform that gives our clients the confidence to work with speed and efficiency across front, middle, and back-office business – and at a fraction of the cost.

What services does IGNITE provide?

IGNITE’s platform is an essential element in risk management, transactional strategies and administration pertaining to commodity trading, risk, accounting, and related activities.  The platform provides comprehensive coverage across the entire trading life cycle:

  • Deal Capture & Management – includes direct connectivity to exchanges such as ICE and CME via STP,
  • Position Management,
  • Risk & Data Analytics,
  • Costing – includes complex formula costing,
  • Back Office – includes connectivity to various 3rd-party accounting platforms,
  • Finance,
  • Supply Chain Management,
  • Advanced Reporting – includes language translation,
  • Market Data,
  • Data Imports, Exports,
  • Process Control,
  • Audit & Security – includes complete auditing, module, and data-level security,
  • General Features such as:
    • Regular Feature Releases
    • Quarterly Hour Transactional Backups
    • Notification and User Tagging
    • Customizable Dashboard
    • Bulk Operations
    • Document Management and much more.

What Makes IGNITE Unique?

IGNITE’s philosophy is to closely align their development to that of their customers’ needs – which ultimately strengthens the platform and provide clients with significant strategic advantage over older, larger, and less-nimble software providers; such philosophies and related partnerships are a testament to.


  • Intuitive and Easy to Use,
  • Customizable,
  • Globally Secure,
  • Visibility – gives trading teams the ability to quickly access the location or value of any asset in real-time,
  • Leading Edge Frameworks – built using some of the most advanced digital technologies available,
  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) – Equals Simplicity.  No additional hardware or personnel is required to support,
  • Affordable – Simplified fees and no “plus-plus” pricing

“IGNITE has been a significant and integral part of our trading operations from early stage through recent expansions.  The IGNITE framework affords us total control of our daily risk and trading lifecycle. As our business continues to grow, we see a big future with IGNITE and value them as an essential partner.” – MATT DAWSON, Element Alpha.

How are our customers benefiting from IGNITE Products and Services?

IGNITE’s Commodity Trading and Risk Management platform is used by companies that are globally involved in the trading of crude oil, natural gas, gas liquids (NGLs), chemical, petrochemical and refined products and various other commodity types – empowering them to achieve significant value-added benefits and capabilities.

Commodities and energy markets are moving towards Cloud or a hybrid solution.  Do you see this trend and where your solution fit and what are the benefits.  

Digital transformation through modern, smart, commodity trading software in the cloud is here and IGNITE’s ingeniously crafted trading and risk management platform was designed for this very moment.

IGNITE was built to ensure organizations get the full benefit of utilizing current and adaptive technological frameworks such as Microsoft Azure, secure APIs, and Business Intelligence (BI) toolsets. These tools, combined with multi-commodity trade support and physical operations for truck, rail, barge, vessels, pipeline, and storage activities, provide real-time, strategy-based decision making, across the entire commodity value chain. No matter the size of the organization, IGNITE CTRM can provide a digitally advanced solution that is affordable, scalable, reliable and works for you!

IGNITE’s Introductory Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6BM7BteIDkU&t=3s

Resources: https://www.ignite-etrm.com/resources/

Contact IGNITE?

Website: https://www.ignite-etrm.com/

Sales: sales@ignite-etrm.com

Info: info@ignite-etrm.com

Partners: partners@ignite-etrm.com

Follow-us on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/ignite-etrm-llc/

IGNITE is continually advancing its easy to use, fully integrated, fast, and reliable, cloud-based C/ETRM platform.  For more information or to request a demo showcasing IGNITE’s award-winning capabilities, or if you have questions about our product line, please contact us: https://www.ignite-etrm.com/contact-us/

Find out how ZE and IGNITE work together

ZE is a trusted partner of IGNITE CTRM. You can harness the full power of IGNITE’s Commodity Trading and Risk Management platform through ZE PowerGroup’s award-winning ZEMA platform, which delivers sophisticated data management and analytics to meet the specific challenges of the energy and commodity market. By combining the strength and depth of IGNITE’s platform, with the advanced data management and analytics capabilities of ZEMA, clients can realize the full potential of both platform and organization.

Book a discovery call with us to learn more about how ZEMA and IGNITE work together.



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