ZE’s Partner Spotlight on ICIS

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Who is ICIS?

ICIS – Independent Commodity Intelligence Services – has partnered with ZE to provide trusted global commodity intelligence for the energy, chemical and fertilizer industry, where and when you need it within your ZEMA platform.

At ICIS, we help businesses make strategic decisions, mitigate risk, improve productivity, and capitalize on new opportunities by providing a trusted source and benchmark for price information and insight across key commodity markets worldwide.

What services does ICIS provide?

ICIS delivers a comprehensive, transparent view across commodities, prices, trade flows and supply chains within chemical, fertilizer and energy markets.

What Makes ICIS Unique?

  • 150 years of experience in delivering commodity market intelligence with a global team of more than 600 experts around the world
  • Over 20,000 price assessments a week and used as a benchmark for key commodities in the petrochemical, energy and fertilizer markets
  • ICIS’s TTF and NBP prices remain long standing industry benchmarks,
  • ICIS covers more than 180 commodities and delivers up-to-date and trusted price intelligence for all major trading regions.
  • Real-time monitoring of worldwide LNG shipping flows and intelligence predicting import volumes of the world’s LNG cargoes
ZE’s Partner Spotlight on ICIS

How are your customers benefiting from ICIS Products and Services?

Now more than ever, dynamic insights are key to navigating complex, volatile commodity markets. Access to expert insights on the latest industry developments and tracking market changes are vital in making sustainable business decisions.

All this is now possible from your ZEMA platform, so you have the intelligence you need, when you need it, enabling quicker and smarter decisions.

Energy Markets are changing with Energy Transition. What are your plans for Energy Transition Markets and Decarbonization?

Energy Markets are changing with Energy Transition. What are your plans for Energy Transition Markets and Decarbonization?

Landscapes are continuing to change rapidly across global markets, with expectations on participants to act as changes unfold.​ Participants are navigating these complexities, with increased pressure to balance security, sustainability and affordability in their approach. ICIS offer specialized expertise providing integrated energy data and intelligence, that guides customers through the energy transition, whilst continuing to support existing operations. ​​

ZE can quickly deploy over 14,000 data reports from over 1400 Data Sources. If you don’t see the report you need, we can add any data from any location, published in any format and granularity.

Learn more about ZE Data Ecosystem.

ICIS Resources


The global energy transition: impossible challenge or unique opportunity?

Energy price crisis: The EU’s dilemma

News: Get latest chemical and energy news

Training: Enhance and accelerate your industry knowledge and stay on top of market impacts and trends with introductory and advanced ICIS training courses

Resources: Free access to global ICIS Resources

How can organizations contact you?

Find out how we can work together to bring you actionable insight and support your business decisions: Speak to ICIS: https://secureforms.icis.com/icisreferral-zepowergroup



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