ZE PowerGroup Partner Spotlight on Oilx

ZE PowerGroup Partner Spotlight on OilX

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Who is OilX

OilX is a fast-growing, London-headquartered data analytics start-up; backed by the European Space Agency (ESA) and Citigroup amongst others. OilX combines satellite observations and conventional oil analytics using the latest data science techniques to generate a real-time snapshot of the global oil market.

What services does OilX provide

Our core service, the OilX Platform delivers country-level supply & demand data into a user-friendly interface.

We merge a diverse set of remote sensing data streams, then, fuse them with hard data from national statistics and customs reports. We sell our SaaS platform to some of the world’s leading oil majors, commodity traders, investment banks, hedge funds and government agencies.

In addition to the Platform, we offer OilX Research, a series of research reports, powered by our data service, covering key macro and micro balances for oil markets.

What Makes OilX Unique

At OilX we create Earth Intelligence solutions for the oil sector. We monitor the world’s oil, one barrel at a time, with a bold target; zero missing barrels. For over 50 years the edge of the oil trader has been ‘boots on the ground’. This meant that market participants gained their intelligence edge by owning physical assets or having representative offices in key locations across the globe.

We leverage deep sector expertise and remote sensing know how to construct a true ‘Digital Twin’ of the oil sector supply chain. We have thus merged the informational advantage of an Oil Major, with the robust data analysis techniques of a hedge fund to democratise access to “Oil Major-grade” analytics.

How are customers benefiting from OilX Products and Services

Our clients benefit from OilX primarily in three ways:

  • Time-saving: The OilX Platform frees up the time of oil analyst from the highly tedious process of collecting data from public sources and 3rd party vendors to be fused into a useful format.
  • Cost-saving: The OilX Platform saves on cost not only in analyst-hours, but also in data spend. Clients need to subscribe to multiple specialist providers in order to replicate what we have created in our platform.
  • Best-in-class Analytics: By tracking the oil supply chain from “well to wheel”, we have created a service which is more valuable than the sum of its parts. Our clients are benefiting from a live service which otherwise requires a large team of highly trained analysts to replicate in-house.

Learn more about OilX:



News: https://www.oilx.co/news

Find out how ZE and OilX work together.

ZE PowerGroup Inc. (ZE) and OilX have formed a collaboration to provide oil companies with seamless access to reliable oil data. Using the latest AI technology, OilX provides the most comprehensive visualization of the global crude oil, refined products and bio-fuels market covering all elements of the oil supply chain from production to consumption. ZE is excited to host these data sources on its award-winning data management and integration platform, ZEMA™. This presents an excellent opportunity for businesses in the oil markets to exploit ZE’s end-to-end data management and analytics services.

The partnership between the global data management leader and the Oil Analytics company aims to provide bigger and better data analytics solutions for companies in the oil sector through the award-winning ZEMA™ platform. Customers can now tap into the extensive oil database on the ZE platform and gain invaluable insights for enhanced efficiency and operational excellence.

“We are ecstatic about the integration of oil data into ZEMA. It will enable the oil businesses to gain a competitive edge with improved operations, predictive maintenance, and streamlined production and delivery. This will pave the way for transformative efficiency for our clients. They’ll be able to reduce costs with better planning and predictive analysis,” remarked Aiman El-Ramly, Chief Business Officer at ZE PowerGroup.

Florian Thaler, CEO of OilX said “We are pleased to be part of the data ecosystem supported by ZE. Many customers are benefiting from the combination of satellite, maritime and fundamental market data for the energy supply chain. ZE provides a level of data integration that all market participants can benefit from.“

Contact OilX

Enquire with OilX by emailing research@oilx.co

Social Media Information:

OilX on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/oilx

OilX on Twitter: https://twitter.com/OilXs



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