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It’s Data Privacy Day: Is Your Company up to Speed on Data Security?

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Data Privacy Day is celebrated each year in the United States, Canada, and the European Union to honor the January 28, 1981 signing of Convention 108. This was the first legally binding international treaty dealing with privacy and data protection. Recognition of this day calls for individuals, governments and businesses to place a higher value on protecting the data they create, access and use. But what are the real threats to data?

When an organization loses critical data, it’s often through the theft of data storage devices. However, there are less capricious calamities that can pose a threat to data- such as when a trusted employee steals intellectual property, or when hackers breach network defenses. According to IBM, incidents of loss, theft and exposure of personally identifiable information have increased by 38% over the last year. Moreover, 43% of C-level executives say that negligent insiders are the greatest threat to sensitive data.

Enterprise data privacy is both a practice and a technology layer, aimed at identifying, tracking, and securing data whose theft or exposure could have severe legal or financial consequences.  One of the main challenges in implementing security measures is to discover where critical data lies, who uses it, and where it goes in the course of doing business. Every organization knows the location of its major repositories of critical data; but copies of that data on desktop computers, laptops, back up files, and other devices both inside and outside the corporate network may go unprotected.

Data Compliance is Easy with ZEMA

ZEMA is an enterprise data management solution that offers advanced capabilities to meet specific data management requirements. ZEMA allows companies to manage user permissions to provide increased security, auditability and reporting on data usage. ZEMA holds the highest standards for ensuring everyone has access only to the data that’s necessary to complete their particular job.

ZEMA’s entitlement tool stores passwords and account information, and also monitors the usage of the various ZEMA applications. Users can keep track of configuration changes and edits within the ZEMA system; view logs and reports on which applications were accessed, by whom, and at what data points; and share these reports with external vendors that ensure companies are managing their entitlements appropriately.

To learn more about how our award winning data management software solution for energy, commodity, and financial markets can meet your data management and compliance needs, contact us for a live demonstration tailored to your company.

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