Determine the Crude Oil Price Momentum with ZEMA

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The impact of crude oil price on the world economy has always been a crucial subject. Crude oil significance is largely determined by the demand of refined petroleum products such as gasoline, jet fuel, diesel, and others.  Since these products are sourcing various industries, the concerned organizations are always on guard to analyze the crude oil price behavior.  Scenarios such as fiscal, political, supply & demand might corroborate to form a point of view on crude oil price, technical indicators can prove to be more substantial as a part of oil data analysis. ZEMA lends strength to various technical indicators with its powerful set of features.

In the process of hedging the potential increase in cash prices and acquirement costs, ZEMA Market Analyzer allow the users to access futures data and quickly build a forward curve in a tabular and graphical formats. Market Analyzer is a centralized platform for accessing all data, and thus results, and minimizes the time spent searching and retrieving data. ZEMA’s vast data library can be leveraged to quickly drag and drop the crude oil prompt prices for a comparative analysis and locking a profitable futures contract.

Since the futures prices move on a daily basis, it becomes essential for refiners, oil producers, and traders to keep an eye on potentially beneficial contracts and offset any incurred losses in the physical market. Market Analyzer’s rolling date feature ensures that the users are relying on the most up-to-date prices for critical decision-making before their financial positions are marked to market. The futures market prices represent the outlook of a wide magnitude of hedgers, which drives a heavy amount of liquidity and actively traded contracts. To analyze such a market situation, ZEMA’s rich library of formulas can be leveraged to build various technical indicators such as MACD (Moving Average Convergence Divergence).

As shown in the graph below, ZEMA users are able to plot the values of securities and technical indicators on opposite axes and analyze crude oil price momentum. The formula library can be further capitalized to build a buy and sell signal line which can be used as a trigger on crossing the MACD. ZEMA’s Curve Manager has the capability to indicate bearish and bullish signals with an email notification based on user-defined conditions.


ZEMA suite of applications is a one stop solution for all your data, analytical, automation and integration needs. Book a demo with us to learn what ZEMA can do for you.

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