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ZEMA: Your Customized Market Snapshot

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For energy and commodity market participants, a real-time snapshot of the market is invaluable. It’s particularly relevant when trying to find trends, correlations, and patterns from diverse sources in order to make fast and effective business decisions.

To make the most informed decisions, you need to be able to interpret and analyze data on one unified platform; one that displays the results of your analysis along with web content and news feeds, side-by-side for easy comparison; one that allows you to visualize data sets in an intuitive fashion, displaying graphs and charts that decision makers are accustomed to seeing. You need a system that automatically refreshes the data at a user-defined frequency, even after you have logged out of the web application.

If market prices, newsfeeds, outage reports, and weather conditions are presented in ways that showcase trends and correlations- and also allow for querying and interpreting- sophisticated analyses can be performed swiftly, and employees across all levels of your organization can make faster, more effective decisions.

ZEMA’s Interactive and Highly Configurable Solution

ZEMA aggregates critical information to allow you to make swift and accurate decisions. ZEMA conveys information simply and effectively, exposing trends, correlations, patterns, and business conditions. It helps companies identify opportunities and expose threats, and then communicate this information throughout the organization.

ZEMA’s customizable platform is an interactive and highly configurable visualization tool that provides a real-time snapshot of markets and internal information. This tool allows you to pull raw data and pre-defined analysis from the ZEMA library, newsfeeds, spreadsheets, websites, business intelligence tools, and internal corporate databases. This information is then displayed in one place, through a dynamic and interactive window that’s easily shareable throughout an organization.

Allowing you to view multiple items and data sources at once makes it easier to follow market trends, observe comparisons, and stay informed. At the click of a button, you can switch back and forth between creating a query library, and using that library on your ZEMA Dashboard.

ZEMA gives you more freedom to customize and view queries and data reports with ease. You can also set alerts so that important events are highlighted as information is automatically updated.

ZEMA Dashboard
Dashboard Created with ZEMA

To learn more about ZEMA, book a complimentary demo tailored to your organization.

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