ZEMA vs. Data Silos

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Data SilosMost organizations have disparate and uncoordinated data silos which are often the result of ad-hoc projects initiated by different departments. These silos result in many problems, including delayed data access, the complete inaccessibility of data, and employee confusion regarding the correctness and validity of data.

ZEMA is the perfect solution for corporations struggling to standardize data collection and information sharing processes amongst their departments. ZEMA provides controlled and centralized access to virtually all market data for the entire organization. All data can be accessed by entitled employees, including settlement data, financial data, trade data, consumer data, generation and capacity data, meter data, and forward curves.

By connecting and mapping internal corporate databases, ZEMA facilitates collaboration across an organization and allows users to easily search, locate, manipulate, and visualize corporate data alongside the information stored within the ZEMA database. ZEMA’s rich metadata layer makes this possible by describing the observations, attributes, units, currency, commodities, frequency, and date-based information associated with both incoming market data and the internal data held in various silos.

ZEMA helps organizations avoid undergoing the arduous and risky process of moving all their data to a central database. ZEMA maps data across an organization and provides a multitude of methods to help employees leverage and access this data from web and SOAP services. Finally, ZEMA also possesses a powerful messaging layer which can push data to downstream systems as it arrives.

Let us show you how ZEMA can break down your organization’s data silos and build a more collaborative environment for your business by booking a demo. Alternatively, you can find out more about ZEMA and what it can do for your company by watching our ZEMA solution product videos.


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