ZEMA Tips and Tricks: Visualizing Profiles and Data Reports Using Market Analyzer’s Canvas Feature

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When it comes to working with data, it is almost always easier to understand figures with the help of visual aids. As you know, the ZEMA Market Analyzer tool helps to produce graphs and data series, making it easier for you to digest data and identify patterns, trends, and events almost instantaneously. Now, ZEMA 4’s new Canvas mode feature has progressed one step further: it is possible to view the results of multiple analyses and compare several different graphs and tables at the same time.

As a decision maker at your company, it is important that you have access to the very best tools so that you can make correct decisions quickly. Energy and commodity markets are constantly changing, and are producing more and more information every day. As such, it becomes more difficult to identify trends, patterns, and even correlations that exist in the markets – especially when given the time constraints of the modern workplace. To keep up, it is often necessary to pull analytics from multiple sources in order to properly analyze data, which is a task Canvas can help with.

ZEMA Canvas
Figure 1: Market Analyzer Canvas

Canvas is a lightweight, personalized version of ZEMA’s Dashboard that has been added directly into the Market Analyzer module of ZEMA. Using Canvas, you can easily compare or filter results, edit graphs, and even export data in CSV or Excel format on the fly. Real-time data can also be monitored and automatically refreshed in Canvas. It is possible, for example, to monitor real-time power prices for different regions alongside weather and demand; you can even import a current weather map of the regions undergoing analysis. If you require more granularity, Canvas enables you to zoom in on events and analyze graphs at the click of a button, giving you a very comprehensive view of the power markets. Not only does visualizing data add contextual information and speed up the process of analysis, but it also enables decision makers like you to confidently and quickly take action with data.

Canvas is a very powerful, intuitive visual aid that will help you identify trends and relationships between datasets. To learn more about Canvas, book a free demo.




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