ZEMA Helps Organizations Avert Metadata Crisis

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ZEMA vs. Meta Data CrisisAs markets and relevant data evolve, processes, procedures and models must be developed to provide answers or insight into critical business matters associated with this influx of new information. ZEMA provides the scaffolding around which organizations can build analytical frameworks like ETRM’s, BI tools and ERP’s. ZEMA removes the burden of mapping and updating the data attributes from both external and internal sources. Organizations that implement these downstream systems without first getting their data management house in order will effectively be crippling their effectiveness over time.

Increasingly, success or failure in energy and commodity markets, results from an organizations ability to understand how both the physical and speculative interactions of an interconnected market will affect their exposure to this market. With up to 80% of an analyst or data scientist’s time spent obtaining and cleaning data sets, investigating market relationships is the high value activity that gets shortchanged. ZEMA clients understand that there is no competitive advantage to building their own data management system or doing without one all together.

ZEMA Market Analyzer maintains complex data models with advanced analytics to help organization evolve with the market movements independent of size or volume of the data. ZEMA also provides its users with transparency around the required processors to run sophisticated cash flow and VAR simulations. When it comes down to trading, organizations appreciate the need for accurate and timely data in order to succeed.

By providing organizations with a mechanism for access to clean and relevant data, ZEMA Solutions greatly increases the chance that analysts and traders make the right decisions while reducing risk, increasing transparency and enhancing integration with downstream systems at the same time.

Find out more about ZEMA and what it can do for your company by booking a personalized demo or watching our Product video.

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