ZE and WG Consulting Webinar: Feed Spotfire with ZEMA Data

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Recently we at ZE co-hosted a live webinar with our partner WG Consulting to demonstrate how an integrated ZEMA and Spotfire solution helps users extract the most value from their data. Valuable market intelligence can be gained through the combination of ZEMA’s data collection and integration functionalities and Spotfire’s visualization capabilities.

During the webinar, we highlighted ZEMA’s ability to feed both raw and derived data seamlessly into Spotfire. We also showed how interactive data visuals from Spotfire can be embedded in ZEMA and viewed alongside other analyses and news feeds. ZEMA’s visualization functionalities allow analysts to present visual elements which tell a story. They also help traders and executives to discover more detail about market trends. Not only can users drag, drop, and refresh the information within ZEMA’s interface, they can also set alerts so that important events are highlighted as information is updated. These visualizations can then be easily shared across a corporation.  Examples from the webinar are included below.

ZEMA’s Integration with Spotfire

ZEMA uses open architecture that helps business intelligence (BI) tools like Spotfire to integrate effortlessly with ZEMA applications and obtain required data in a quick and efficient manner. This data can then be transferred downstream in a number of ways. One method is through ZEMA’s rich web services layer, which extracts data in multiple formats through web or Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) and Application Programming Interface (API)-based requests. Alternatively, queries can embed data in Microsoft Excel spreadsheets that are transferred to Spotfire.  Spotfire visualizations fed by ZEMA data are automatically updated.

Utilizing ZEMA Data in Spotfire

During the webinar, a line chart was created in Spotfire that showed RBOB gasoline pricing information over time and the most recent settled average prices on a historical basis. Figure 1 indicates the settle price, 10-day moving averages, 20-day moving averages, and 30-day moving averages.

Figure 1: A Volume-Price Line Chart and a Raw Data Table in ZEMA
Figure 1: A Volume-Price Line Chart and a Raw Data Table in ZEMA

Spotfire possesses a wide range of visualization tools, one of which is a geographic mapping option. This map visualization contains a worldwide basemap; it also automatically geocodes various geographic areas, can add multiple layers of data, and geographically drills down into data.

Displaying Spotfire Visualizations and Analytics within ZEMA

Analytics built within Spotfire can also be embedded in ZEMA for further visualization. ZEMA can display news updates, raw data, and analytics in one customizable screen so market participants gain a real-time market snapshot. For example, the figure below shows a Microsoft Stock Price Bollinger Band analysis (top left), RBOB gasoline pricing analysis (top right), and CME real-time energy quotes in tabular form (forefront).

Figure 2: ZEMA Data and Spotfire Visualizations in ZEMA
Figure 2: ZEMA Data and Spotfire Visualizations in ZEMA

Spotfire visualizations can easily be dragged and dropped into ZEMA; they even retain the same level of interactivity there. Market participants can also combine Spotfire visualizations with other graphs from ZEMA’s analytical application.

To learn more about how ZE’s award-winning data management software solution for energy, commodity, and financial market participants has already met the requirements of industry leaders, watch testimonial videos from ZE’s clients.  Please feel free to book a complimentary demo to learn how ZEMA can help your business evolve. You can also watch the webinar playback here.


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