ZE and Interactive Data: Experience ZEMA Data within FutureSource Terminals

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We at ZE have teamed up with Interactive Data Corporation (IDCO) to offer you an integrated ZEMA-FutureSource solution. Now, you can access ZEMA’s huge data warehouse and curve building functionality and visualize the results in FutureSource without switching back and forth between the two applications. We are pleased to offer this solution as we believe it will provide an enhanced user experience and add real value for your data management needs.

On February 19, 2015, we are co-hosting an interactive Lunch and Learn in Houston, TX, with our partner IDCO to demonstrate the integrated ZEMA-FutureSource solution. This collaborative solution allows you to increase the value of your real-time public, third-party, and proprietary data all in one incorporated visualization and workflow enabling you to detect patterns, manage risk, and ultimately make better decisions.

During the lunch and learn, we will emphasize ZEMA’s ability to integrate raw data, derived data, and forward curves within FutureSource’s terminals, which are optimized for flexibility and customization. The integration of ZEMA’s unparalleled data warehouse and superior curve functionality provides analysis and visualization capabilities within IDCO’s FutureSource terminals, which bypasses the necessity to interrupt workflow with inter-systems transfers to access the relevant reports and curves.

FutureSource utilizes ZEMA’s web services API integration, which provides fast, flexible capabilities to pull down simple and complex data-sets. ZEMA’s Curve Manager API integration allows FutureSource to access ZEMA curves and curve components. Once a forward curve is created within ZEMA’s powerful Curve Manager it can be visualized within FutureSource.

Figure 1: ZEMA curves within FutureSource terminal
Figure 1: ZEMA curves within FutureSource terminal

FutureSource can pull data from ZEMA’s Curve Manager and plot forward curve points within FutureSource’s terminal. Then, the curve can be subjected to further analyses within FutureSource with the support of additional data from ZEMA’s warehouse.

Analysis features include chart overlays and the provision of an easily interpreted, yet information-rich user experience. With this integration, dynamic visualization capabilities are not compromised. The ability to take the curve, plot it, break it down, and conduct the needed analyses makes the ZEMA-FutureSource partnership a powerful tool for traders and risk managers.

Figure 2: FutureSource terminal displaying price and quote information
Figure 2: FutureSource terminal displaying price and quote information

FutureSource terminals offer a professional decision-support solution by delivering real-time, historical, and third-party market data for energy, commodities, futures, options, foreign exchange, fixed income, and equities, as well as derivatives based on the underlying asset classes. It is designed to allow you to access and arrange your information easily, enabling you to act on opportunities quickly and efficiently.

ZEMA and FutureSource are an unmatched combination that can meet the needs of the front-, middle-, and back-office operations easily. Together, we are putting the right tools in the right hands, ensuring success in your business operations.

To learn how an integrated ZEMA and FutureSource solution can benefit your organization, view a recording of the ZE-IDCO informational webinar, or register for ZE and IDCO’s co-hosted Lunch and Learn at 10:30 a.m. on February 19 at Willie G’s Seafood and Steaks in Houston, Texas.

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