Why ZEMA? Webinar for Professionals Working with Energy and Commodities Market Data

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Most firms require an enterprise data management system to collect data from multiple sources, in different formats, and at different time granularities. They need a system that can also transform and integrate aspects of collected data with several downstream systems, whether it’s ETRMs, an ERP, or several BI systems.

Companies with strong IT departments are often tempted by the notion of building data management software in house, based on the misconception that this will save time or money; however, these firms typically find out that they do not have the right mix of human capital, financial resources, and time to properly develop a fully-fledged data management system.

To address this challenge, ZE’s Chief Strategy Officer Aiman El-Ramly will be hosting a Why ZEMA? webinar on Tuesday, March 31, 2015, at 8 a.m. (Pacific Time), where he will discuss the data management capabilities delivered by ZEMA. During the hour-long session, Aiman will explain how companies of all sizes enhance their trade, risk, and market operations by adding ZEMA to their critical business systems. The Why ZEMA? webinar will summarize how ZEMA lets companies:

Access ZEMA’s unmatched data catalog

ZEMA offers the most complete data catalog in the industry. Our sophisticated processors not only collect and validate more than 4,000 regular data reports from over 400 individual sources, but ZEMA also offers clients the ability to add any additional reports they require.

Take advantage of ZEMA’s flexible and modular software

ZE provides flexible ZEMA deployment options to meet an organization’s specific needs. Companies may choose to host ZEMA behind their own firewall, host it in the cloud, or let us host it.

ZEMA is a completely modular software. Each company finds its own unique advantage within ZEMA. Clients are able to pick and choose which modules meet their particular needs. ZEMA is also extremely scalable. Some clients have hundreds of users and thousands of data feeds, while other clients just have a few users with a handful of data feeds, depending on their needs.

Perform smarter analytics

Using ZEMA’s sophisticated analytical tool, users can leverage a data warehouse that provides a single point of access to extract data more conveniently.

Users can also quickly find, retrieve, and visualize their own entire corporate data catalog alongside external information. ZEMA reduces time spent preparing data for analysis with Market Analyzer’s built-in business logic to automatically adjust data for weekends, holidays, time zones, peak/off-peak hours, and other industry-specific logic.

Simplify your end-of-day process with curve automation

ZEMA’s Curve Manager automates the construction, mapping, validation, editing, and auditing of curves and relevant analyses. ZEMA’s curve management function then packages and pushes these curves to downstream systems. Curve Manager ensures that the quality of curves is maintained by providing curve validation and custom status notifications.

ZEMA vastly simplifies and enhances curve construction and management processes, ensuring that organizations reliant upon analyses of time-series data receive the information they need, when they need it.

To learn more about what ZEMA can do for you, register today for the interactive Why ZEMA? webinar, taking place at 8 a.m. (Pacific Time) on March 31. Access to the webinar is free and easy to set up. A live question-and-answer period will conclude the hour-long session.

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