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Why ZEMA Continues to Garner Industry Attention

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I began working at ZE PowerGroup Inc. (ZE) very recently. Although I still have much to learn about the complexities of data management challenges in the energy and commodities markets, I have been impressed by the scope of solutions ZE has developed to meet these challenges. I have also been impressed by the number of international awards ZE has won for both its ZEMA software and industry partnerships. For example, this is the fifth consecutive year that ZE has been named “Data Management House of the Year” by Energy Risk magazine, a global publisher delivering relevant news and analyses for commodity traders and risk managers. In the 2013 list of Energy Risk software rankings, ZE’s data management software, ZEMA, was also ranked first in the categories “Preferred System”, “Ease of Integration”, and “Best Customer Service” (a rank awarded by software end-users). These accolades coincided with the release of several new tools for our ZEMA software, including Market Analyzer 4, Curve Manager 4, and Curve Portal (a new sub-product of Curve Manager). These tools continue to receive a lot of attention from industry participants.

ZE also excels at partnerships; ZE has partnered with major energy and commodities market participants to stay abreast of global market shifts. Platts, a ZE partner and a global provider of benchmark price assessments for varied commodity markets, recently awarded ZE the “P3 Ignite Partner of the Year” award at the Platts P3 Executive Summit. ZE has many additional consulting, data, software, and technology partners in order to ensure that our software is the most responsive to market demands.

ZE also continues to find new international clients and industry partners. Just last month, ZE was awarded “Technology House of the Year” by Energy Risk Asia, an event for energy trading and risk management professionals in Asia sponsored by Energy Risk magazine. ZE merited this award because of our expanded Asian office operations and the flexibility of our ZEMA software.

We at ZE are extremely grateful for the industry recognition we have received, and we want to share what we believe distinguishes us from other market participants.

ZE’s Core Principles

ZE was founded in 1995; our mission is to become the leading global provider of enterprise data management, analysis, and integration solutions. We have achieved success because we are supported by a global brand legacy and because we are a sustainable, self-funded, and profitable organization. Moreover, one of the core principles of ZE’s operations that has enabled our success is our commitment to enhancing the scope and functionality of our products. We don’t just offer unique software–we offer a comprehensive solution to our clients’ data management challenges, and we consistently maintain a high standard of customer service.

ZE’s Software Solution

One of ZE’s major competitive advantages is our commitment to developing and implementing a wide breadth of software solutions for clients facing data management challenges. ZE’s high rank in Energy Risk’s annual software survey is testament to the success of our products, particularly the ZEMA Suite. ZE’s software helps clients manage, analyze, and integrate data with a variety of downstream systems and provides clients with relevant, timely information that can be easily accessed by other users and mission-critical systems. Further, clients are assured that the software solutions they purchase are cutting edge, as we are always enhancing and improving our product line. ZE has been formally recognized numerous times for our research and development activities, especially our emphasis on market-based and technology-based research. ZE leverages lessons learned from work with our multi-national clients to propel our software solutions even further.

Clients investing in ZE’s software solutions can also be assured of end-to-end project delivery and flexible licensing options. Projects delivered by ZE are consistently on time and within a client’s budget. We offer a range of implementation services to ensure client satisfaction, including requirements gathering, project management, software installation, existing process conversion, product enhancements to meet project requirements, system-to-system integration, and user training. ZE clients also benefit from a variety of payment models and deployment types for services rendered. Clients choose from onsite, shared subscription (cloud), or dedicated vendor hosted models. Licensing options can be perpetual or annually recurring.

Overall, ZE’s software is highly modular and scalable. As such, ZE easily accommodates clients of varied sizes and diverse budgets.

ZE’s Industry Expertise and Customer Focus

ZE is not only a software development firm, but an active market participant. ZE’s senior management has many years of direct energy industry experience. ZE’s highly experienced staff draw from their extensive industry knowledge when enhancing clients’ business processes.

Further, ZE is focused on maintaining a high standard of client satisfaction. Whether consulting, enhancing products, providing 24-hour user support for software solutions, or hosting complimentary web-based training programs, ZE puts the customer first.

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