Why ZEMA? A Perspective from a Novice User

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I found myself live tweeting from a webinar on the ZEMA Suite yesterday morning. The short and informative event has revolutionized the way I perceive the product I’ve been working with for the past two years.

It was hosted by Ian Mathieson, IT Business Analyst here at ZE PowerGroup Inc, who focused on the ZEMA Solution and how it solves multiple data management challenges. We had attendees from all over the world, including London, Houston, Paris, Edinburgh, Calgary and Dallas. What followed the initially simple question of “Why ZEMA?” helped to uncover some of the biggest challenges facing energy and commodities markets today.

We know that the most common issues around data management for companies are based on data, analytics and integration.

The ZEMA Solution, source: ZE
The ZEMA Solution, source: ZE

For example, we looked at data. Data isn’t always collected automatically, at a desired rate or in a standardized format. Often there is no way to guarantee its accuracy and completeness. From this, a new question emerged. How often do you find yourself spending a lot of time collecting data and managing spreadsheets rather than analyzing it?

Users aren’t always able to feed the collected data and analysis to the downstream systems. Moreover, managing spreadsheets and complex forward curves can become a nightmare, resulting in potentially expensive errors

Our flagship product the ZEMA Suite is a flexible solution that is designed and built to comprehensively cover all three of these areas.

It is modular in its nature and has nine products that work together to make your life easier, as well as saving your organization time and money.

The image below is a good visual representation of how the nine product pieces of the ZEMA puzzle fit together.

How ZEMA Suite Works, Source: ZE
How ZEMA Suite Works, Source: ZE

Data Tools

At the top of the image you can see our Data Tools: Data Manager, Data Validation, and Admin Console. Not only do they give a single point of access to your data reports, they also allow you to schedule collection onto the database.  ZEMA also allows you to manage  the administration of entitlements and all users’ access.

Analytics Tools

Once all the data is collected, the Analytics ToolsMarket Analyzer, Dashboard, and ZEMA Express – can be used to perform complex analysis, visualization and integration into third party downstream systems. During the webinar we showed an example of how easily data from various sources (NYMEX Henry Hub Natural Gas futures, SoCal basis swap futures and AccuWeather RealFeel temperature report) can be aggregated and visualized for a meaningful analysis. For more details and to see Market Analyzer in action, I would strongly recommend watching our videos:

ZEMA 4 – Easy Access to Data

ZEMA 4 – Dynamic & Customized Output

ZEMA 4 – Refined Interface

Integration Tools

Finally we have Integration Tools (and, frankly, some of the most popular products among our clients): Curve Manager, Data Direct, and Development Tools. We recently launched the latest version of Curve Manager, which has improved an already robust and powerful tool:

Additionally, Data Direct reduces the risk of human error by feeding normalized data directly onto spreadsheets, thus saving time and eliminating a lengthy manual process.  Development Tools also allow companies to leverage ZEMA’s API so you can build your own interfaces, resulting in even greater flexibility and customization.

In a nutshell, ZEMA is a first choice for many companies, regardless of their size. It is a powerful suite of products that meets all of the data management challenges, and is coupled with multiple additional services provided by ZE, like 24/7 support, data monitoring and flexible hosting implementation options.

To conclude, I must say that this webinar was a big success. This was our first public webinar about ZEMA and, given the level of feedback we received from those participating, it won’t be  our last one.

If you would like to watch today’s webinar “Why ZEMA?”, you can request a copy by contacting the webinar host Ian Mathieson directly.

Coming up, we will be hosting a series of public webinars, where we will touch on the three ZEMA solutions in more detail. In the meantime, stay tuned for future announcements and make sure to check out our webinars schedule web page for the most up to date information.

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