If you are a regular viewer of CNBC, Fox News or BNN, you may have noticed Art Gelber, President of Gelber & Associates, sipping coffee from a mug emblazoned with a ZE logo.  Perhaps, you’ve also noticed that the detailed graphs and reports he presents for analysis are powered by ZEMA, ZE’s powerful data management software.  This in fact, is not a coincidence.  Recently, Gelber & Associates was added to ZE’s growing list of clients as a ZEMA user.  What makes this particularly interesting is that although Gelber & Associates is an international energy consultancy, it is not a “typical” type of ZE client. However, it makes perfect sense strategically for these two industry leaders to align themselves as a driving force in our complex world of data.

Gelber & Associates offers tailored consulting services to clients in various industries, including oil and gas, education, public utilities and private equity, to name a few.  In contrast to ZE’s client list comprised of trade and risk management companies, energy utilities and investment banks, Gelber & Associates does not fit the traditional ZE client profile.  Nonetheless, the firm was attracted to ZEMA because of its ability for users to visualize market data in unique ways and extract critical intelligence.  Gelber uses ZEMA as a flexible tool to optimize the insight the company provides to its clients.  One of ZEMA’s main functions for Gelber is to provide pricing outcomes for natural gas, crude oil, power, liquid natural gas and other energy sources.

The addition of Gelber & Associates to the growing list of ZEMA users speaks to the value of ZEMA’s versatility.  The software will provide data aggregation and analysis, and automated data management to any company with a need to process vast amounts of data.  Gelber may be boutique in size, but the value it extracts from ZEMA can also be realized on a much greater scale for larger market participants, including those in production, manufacturing, transportation, agriculture, brokerage and finance.

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More About Gelber & Associates:

Gelber & Associates asserts an intimate understanding of market fundamentals, dynamic price forecasting techniques and expertise gained through daily market involvement.  The firm offers tailored advisory to clients, including industrial manufacturers, oil and gas companies, utilities, educational institutions, public utility commissions, drilling and production companies, private equity fundraising firms, and investment banks.  Gelber’s specialties include energy consumer procurement strategies, producer hedging strategies, ETRM integration and evaluation, litigation consulting, M&A due diligence, LNG global markets and infrastructure.

Art Gelber, President of Gelber & Associates, founded the company in 1990.  He has been involved in the energy industry for over 30 years, and is widely recognized for his industry leadership and expertise in natural gas from upstream drilling, commodity markets, and end use markets.  His skills in natural gas, crude oil and power reach well beyond his formal education in geosciences, and extend into commodity trading, risk management and energy market analysis. He is frequently called on as an expert for numerous lawsuits involving complex energy derivatives and market sensitive transactions.  He is often sought after to provide commentary for media resources such as CNBC, FOX News, BNN, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, The New York Times, and Barron’s, among others.

To learn more about Gelber & Associates, please visit www.gelbercorp.com, or contact 713.655.7000

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