Rationalizing the Data Flood: A whitepaper on Data Management Solutions

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ZE PowerGroup Inc.® is pleased to offer CommodityPoint’s insightful evaluation of the growing need for Data Management Systems (DMS) entitled, “Data Management Solutions – Rationalizing the Data Flood.” This whitepaper examines the growing challenges of companies to handle the flood of data that is now required for making accurate and timely decisions and the rise of DMS as a tool to rationalize the many streams of market data. The paper also provides evidence that DMS are now an integral component of a successful energy trading and risk management (ETRM) or ERP implementation. The whitepaper discusses each of the following:

Components of a Modern DMS

  • Data source integration and collection
  • Data storage and access
  • Data analysis
  • Downstream system integration

Advantages for companies using a DMS

  • Improved ability to filter and aggregate incoming market and operational data
  • Improved ability to analyze and visualize data
  • Ability to capture, display and analyze both internal and external data side by side
  • Improve audit-ability of historical data for regulatory compliance
  • Ability to integrate multiple systems via a single data hub
  • Improved ability to manage forward price curves

What to look for in a Data Management System – CommodityPoint Recommendations

  • Rapid deployment
  • Robust error handling capabilities
  • Ability to integrate internal data sources
  • Ability to rapidly integrate new data sources
  • Expert customer service and support

Please download a full copy of the whitepaper here. If you have any questions about this whitepaper or how Data Management Systems will help your company rationalize its market data management issues, please contact us or visit our website at www.ze.com to get detailed information on data management solutions.

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