Combine the Power of ZEMA and Microsoft Excel to Manage Curves

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If you’re a participant in energy and commodities markets, you likely have to deal with numerous curves on a daily basis; these curves are often stored in Microsoft Excel (Excel). To complete certain job tasks, you must frequently compare curves for different products and time periods. However, you encounter difficulties each time you compare curves, as your organization’s business models are not centralized in one location, but are stored in multiple Excel spreadsheets and workbooks.  Furthermore, you may be unaware of curve revisions made by your co-workers.

If you struggle with some or any of the curve-related challenges described above, the ZEMA solution can help. ZEMA is a powerful tool that allows you to effortlessly compare, manage, and store curves in a centralized location. ZEMA enables you to compare curves over single or multiple days, enter current day values, copy previous day values, edit data, and easily transfer all curves to your organization’s downstream systems, including Excel spreadsheets. In addition, any curve modifications you make in Excel can easily be pushed back to ZEMA’s consolidated curve library.

Using ZEMA, you have the option to work with multiple curves across one day or one curve across multiple days when inputting monthly or daily marks. Marks uploaded to ZEMA are made available across the entire ZEMA system, ensuring that all of your colleagues who are authorized to access ZEMA can locate these values. As well, uploaded values are automatically validated to maintain data integrity. These values can also be used as inputs for other curves, sent to downstream target systems, or employed as triggers to automate the creation of new curves.

Figure 1: Users can work with one curve across multiple days or multiple curves across one day
Figure 1: Users can work with one curve across multiple days or multiple curves across one day

ZEMA also provides a full revision history of all curve edits across time. This ZEMA functionality is extremely beneficial if you are attempting to understand underlying reasons for methodology changes in order to avoid repeating faulty logic.

As an added security feature, access to curves created within ZEMA is permission-based. As a result, you can control which of your colleagues have access to your analyses.

Figure 2: ZEMA secures a user's intellectual property with permission-based curves
Figure 2: ZEMA secures a user’s intellectual property with permission-based access to curves

ZEMA enhances Excel functionalities so clients who are already familiar with this software can continue using it. Request a free ZEMA demo today and see how ZEMA allows you to effortlessly upload your personal marks and perform analyses.

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