Are you considering or are you in the middle of building an internal enterprise data management (EDM) system? Before you continue, it’s important to understand the unintended and costly consequences that may be involved. Acquiring ZEMA, an award winning, off-the-shelf solution built by industry experts, is a smarter choice.

[Infographic] Why You Should Avoid Building Your Own Enterprise Data Management System


The Case for Acquiring ZEMA

ZEMA’s robust data management software platform offers many flexible features that cannot be matched by internal EDM projects:

  • Comprehensive and highly flexible data collection, analytics, and integration components
  • Focused R&D
  • Enhanced data quality assurance and audit trails
  • Robust security model
  • Powerful and user-friendly web-based GUI and analytical capabilities
  • Rapid data deployment
  • Automated curve workflows
  • Ongoing upgrades
  • Award-winning integration with downstream systems
  • Market monitoring
  • Prompt implementation and around-the-clock software support services
  • Best customer service as voted by software end users
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