[Infographic] How Efficient Are Your In-House Data Analysis Processes?

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How Efficient Are Your In-House Data Analysis Processes?

Are your resources to collect, store, and analyze data disjointed? Are you finding it difficult to process and manipulate vast amounts of energy and commodity market data for analysis in a timely manner? Can you perform complex market analysis or build curves on the fly?

Inadequate data analysis tools may cause you to lose sight of the full market spectrum, and thus, struggle to determine your organization’s competitive market advantage.

In-house analysis tools are:


In-house analytic tools can be difficult to use in combination with other systems and usually have limited capacities. For complex data analysis, a more robust software is required to ensure accuracy and timeliness.

The ZEMA Solution

ZEMA is an award winning data management software solution that is specifically designed to meet specific data management requirements for analysts, traders, and risk managers. ZEMA helps eliminate errors associated with data analysis.

  • Coherent Data and Analytics Tools
  • Quick Search and Transformation of Market Data
  • Pre-Built and Customized Formulas
  • Forward Curve Automation
  • Enhanced Visualization of Outputs
  • Customizable Dashboard


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