[Infographic] How Effective is Manual Data Collection?

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Are you copying, pasting, or feeding vast amounts of energy and commodity market data from multiple data providers into spreadsheets to gain market insight? Are you finding errors in the data that you collect? Having problems protecting your data?

Manual data collection processes are common amongst energy and commodity market participants. However, such processes are far from ideal when it comes to preparing data for analysis.

Manual data collection and preparing it for analysis is:



Adopting a Best-in-Class Solution

ZEMA is a data management software solution that enhances the usability, integrity, and security of data by replacing inefficient manual collection and validation processes.

  • Automated Data Collection
  • Central Data Repository
  • Powerful Validation Tool
  • Unmatched Data Security

Click here to learn how to make the switch from inefficient manual data collection processes to a best-in-class solution.








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