Industry Leading Data Management and Analysis Software Systems: Some Terms

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Industry Leading Data Management and Analysis Software Systems ZE PowerGroup® provides robust data management and analysis software tools that help corporations with their trade and risk related activities. These tools have been developed across a wide range of customer types as related to energy and commodities. The ZEMA software tools enable superior decision support for corporations by providing powerful management and analysis capabilities on enterprise data. ZEMA is used to support enterprise data, trade and risk management, forward price management and curve automation, market intelligence, and other related business decision areas. The following list presents key components and descriptions relating to ZE’s industry leading data management and analysis software systems:

ZEMA Suite™

A data management and analysis solution, comprised of multiple modular components and tools developed by ZE PowerGroup, which collect extensive energy data and enable powerful data management and analysis, business process automation and integration of systems.

Data Manager

Provides the automated scheduling, importing, monitoring, centralization, structuring and standardization of market data

Market Analyzer

The data extraction and business intelligence application of the ZEMA Product Suite allowing for graphical and tabular based output of raw and manipulated data sets.

Forward Curve Builder

Automated workflow engine designed to support the execution and integration of derivative datasets to the ZEMA database and third party systems.


A web based application that retrieves and consolidates ZEMA queries, graphs, RSS news feeds, database queries, images, maps and other objects into a single dynamic and fully interactive window.

Data Direct

A tool that allows profiles/reports generated in Market Analyzer to be imported directly into Excel spreadsheets and automatically refreshed.

Data Validation

The application of the ZEMA product suite that verifies the quality of data used by the other ZEMA components


Allows clients to build their own internal parsers with parser API

Dev Tools

APIs and Services that facilitates the programmatic access to data and analysis

Data Manager Service

A tool that allows programmatic scheduling of Data Manager jobs

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