Flexible, Comprehensive and Reliable – ZEMA’s No Compromise Data Management Solution

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I am a new employee with ZE PowerGroup and when I was introduced to ZEMA Suite’s Data Manager I was immediately impressed by the ease-of-use and flexibility of a program that eliminates hundreds of hours of manual work.  The ability to automatically grab data from a myriad of sources across the internet at specific times and consolidate it into one database seemed to be a pretty ambitious task. However, the more I explored the software and questioned the developers about the deeper functions, the more I realized that they had really thought the application through.

Data manager has clearly been designed by people who understand and have experience in the energy and commodities industries.  This is apparent in the fact that Data Manager is built around handling forward curves and high granularity data. Developing around this complex and dense data has made it easy to handle any source a company can throw at it, even 60 second metering and nodal power data.  ZEMA has not settled for just providing data to the energy industries, its’ structure has allowed it to expand into metals, agricultural, foreign exchange and weather data, with potential to capture data for any industry. ZEMA has also gone to great lengths to allow each client to handle the data they capture as they see fit.  The schedules for data retrieval are completely customizable, as are all of the validation settings for timeliness, completeness and correctness.

In today’s business world, timely access to data is an extremely important part of making effective and informed business decisions. In the past, managing the collection of this data and getting it to the right downstream systems has been particularly difficult.  Issues with connectivity between various systems and databases, as well as constantly changing data sources and requirements typically made this process a costly liability rather than an important business asset. ZEMA’s Data Manager is a best-in-class solution for collecting, organizing and distributing all types of data. ZEMA did not compromise when developing this software because they knew that their clients needed a complete solution that could easily adapt to a changing data landscape.

Key features include:

  • Access to thousands of data reports across hundreds of vendors
  • Sources can be retrieved from emails, FTP, web services, local network drives or internal databases.
  • Can capture data of any granularity – from minute to annual data
  • Open database structure (Oracle Database or Microsoft SQL) ensures easy and transparent access to your data
  • Data dictionary provides reference information about where, how and when your data is being collected

By automating the data collection process and ensuring that data is arriving as soon as it is available, analysts are able to make better use of the data that you are currently collecting. Further, with over 3000 existing data reports and fresh processors coming online every week, you can guarantee you will have access to new data sources and granularities as soon as they are published. ZEMA employs an impressive number of developers and analysts just to ensure that they are able to handle requests for new data. This is the main reason that ZEMA has been awarded the Data Management House of the Year four years in a row by Energy Risk.

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