Data tables are the raw output of queries.  Without analysis they really don’t provide you with a great deal of intelligence.  This intelligence is added through the analysis and outputting of the data. When you actually output this analysis you’re often still stuck with a column of values or a bland, simple graph.

Why do so many analysts put up with sub par data management solutions which at the best of times can only provide you with table of data?

This doesn’t have to be the case any longer.

Graphs created with ZEMA.

Now with ZEMA 4 it’s time to raise your expectations of what a data management solution can do.  ZEMA 4 continues to provide a system that performs complex analyses with software that is also easy-to-use. However our latest version can provide you with more options than ever before to customize your results.

These new tools will allow you to build your analysis and output it with a level of detail and quality that is ready for publication.  Examples of this include the ability to build threshold and series bands around your data and customize text formats on the graph. Don’t be stuck with just a single graph any longer, the new graphing canvas allows for as many graphs as are required to paint the best picture for your analysis.

Instead of just outputting raw analysis tables, ZEMA 4 allows you to apply conditional formatting and filter the data to ensure your analysis helps to support your story.  These output options can be saved along with your other query settings so that whenever you retrieve this analysis, you can apply the same logic and formatting to the results.

To learn more about the great new features in ZEMA 4 visit our launch page and watch our videos.