Ensuring Integrity – ZEMA’s No Compromise Data Validation Solution

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In today’s world it is remarkable the amount of data we are faced with on a daily basis.  Something we rarely ask is how do we know if the data in front of us is accurate? How do we even define what accuracy is for that matter?  For daily tasks, like checking your local weather forecast, inaccurate data might merely be an annoyance.  But for major business decisions, inaccurate or missing data could pose serious business risk.

Our developers and designers at ZE understand the importance of trustworthy data, so we’ve designed the ideal tool to help clients manage data risk.  Our ZEMA Data Validation application has been developed in coordination with our clients who have told us they need to check:

  • Completeness – Is there enough data being collected?
  • Correctness – Is the data within acceptable boundaries?
  • Timeliness – Is the data on time?
  • Newness – Is the data different than the previous day?

ZEMA’s Data Validation tool delivers comprehensive monitoring for each of these measures of accuracy.  Using this tool ZE has been providing data monitoring services for years on over 3,000 data reports and now this technology is available for your own business processes. Good news is that the application is fully customizable to your business needs as no two clients are alike.

The ability to set your own rules is a must because what one company defines as timely and complete might be different to another’s.  All four factors of validation, completeness, correction, timeliness and newness can be configured based on your own parameters.

Moreover, each test can trigger notifications so that your team can stay informed as to the status and health of your data without needing to be constantly monitoring it.  It also gives you the confidence that you need in your data to make informed business decisions.

While data validation is extremely important for business, not getting data because it is being held back from you can be an even bigger problem.  The ZEMA Suite is designed so that data validation does not sit between you and your data.  It is an important tool that constantly checking your data but not preventing you from getting access to it in a timely manner.

The capabilities of our data validation tool are one of the main reasons why ZE has received the Data Management House of the Year award four years in a row.  Today’s market is fast, dynamic and unforgiving. There can be absolutely no compromises when it comes to the quality of data you use.  ZEMA Data Validation can be your no compromise solution for absolute data quality.

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