Discovering the Brighter Side of Data with ZEMA

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It is undeniable that data capture is a task of mammoth proportions, particularly when you’re trying to collect data from a large variety of sources that each publishes in a different format, from different locations, and at different times of the day. Moreover, providing secure and transparent access to all the users who require that data is then another, if not an even greater, challenge of its own.

With enterprise data management and analysis solutions, ZEMA, all of these challenges evaporate, and you are left with just the data: centralized, normalized, secured, and ready to use from anywhere in the world. ZEMA automatically collects both the required market and internal data as they are published, storing all data in a central repository that can be accessed by users through their preferred access point(s): database, web browser, MS Excel, API, or other systems, such as business intelligence tools, analytical platforms, ERP systems, and/or E/CTRMs.

For users who have no knowledge of SQL or proprietary query languages, the graphical user interface of the data extraction and analysis module—ZEMA Market Analyzer— makes it easy for users to find the data they need and quickly set up queries that may involve different data from various sources and in various granularities. And once a user’s data query is saved, they will never have to set up the query again; the query will always output the latest results with up-to-date data when it’s submitted, and the output can be dynamically retrieved in Excel, through the API, and/or through any integrated system.

Discovering the Brighter Side of Data with ZEMA
Discovering the Brighter Side of Data with ZEMA

For businesses who require greater transparency and security for data usage within their organization, the administrative application of ZEMA—Admin Console—ensures that users only have access to applications and data that they are entitled to, and that data vendors only charge the business for the data they are actually using, not the data they assume the business is using.

With ZEMA’s unparalleled data catalogue, you can also fill your data playground with whatever data you require, whether it’s oil, gas, power, agriculture, economic, government statistics, or weather, and regardless of whether the data is from exchanges, brokers, price reporters, power markets, generation assets, other data aggregators, or your own legacy database. Whatever data you choose to fuel your daily reports, calculation models, and essential business systems, ZEMA will make sure that the data gets there complete and on time.

ZEMA serves wide-ranging data needs with an all-inclusive suite of applications. Book a demo with us today to learn how ZEMA can make data fun again.

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