Discover the Data Universe for Energy and Commodity Markets

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Collecting data is the first step towards finding meaningful correlations among the immense wealth of market information that’s out there right now.

However the process of tracking down such information and trying to make sense of it all can often be overwhelming.  

As any good market trader, business analyst or risk manager knows; as the volume of data increases, so too does the challenges of searching, transferring, and reporting that data. Managing this amount of data can be a massive undertaking. With new algorithms and sophisticated new technology constantly being thrown into the mix, trying to manage your own personal ‘data universe’ can be extremely complex and confusing.

 Managing Your Data Universe

A data universe can be a complex conundrum for those of us working in the world of energy and commodities markets. But it doesn’t have to be.

At ZE PowerGroup Inc (ZE), we have developed a sophisticated enterprise data management solution called the ZEMA Suite.

Gone are the days of data silos.  ZEMA is designed to provide controlled and centralized data access for the entire organization.

Our emerging system processes massive amounts of market data gathered from more than 400 data providers and over 4000 data sources from locations around the world. Within the so-called ‘ZEMA Data Universe’, millions of complex interactions can be transformed into easy-to-follow reports with graphs that illustrate dynamics and trends.

The ‘ZEMA Data Universe’ gathers data from energy markets, operating data and commodity markets including finance, emissions, agriculture and metals, amongst others. Below is a list of the regions we source market data from (and we can source data from any geographical location):

  • North America (US and Canada)
  • Europe (all EU countries, Norway and Russia)
  • Central America (Guatemala)
  • Asia (China, Japan, Turkey, Dubai, and Singapore)
  • Australia (Australian Electricity Market Operator)

The ‘ZEMA Data Universe’ is comprised of reliable real-time data. It is worth noting that the process of collecting real-time data can often take hours (if not days) to prepare. ZEMA collects data every minute, every hour, every day, every year – and the collection rate continues to grow.


world data sources
Figure 1: A list of some of the data sources that ZEMA gathers information from different regions. Source: ZE

Let’s take a closer look at some of the World’s great data sources.

 Data From North America

North America is a leading provider of Independent Service Operator (ISO)/ Regional Transmission Organization (RTO) data, financial market data, and operational data:

  • ISO/RTO data – in addition to operational and weather market data – supports the analysis of real-time market development and short-term market projections.
  • Financial exchange futures reflect collective market opinion, which is important not only for short-term but for mid-term forecasts.
  • Brokerage data describes buy and sell orders and ‘over the counter’ market statistics.

The ‘ZEMA Data Universe’ for North American power markets collects data from numerous sources including:

  • Generation/Transmission:
    • Detailed ISO/RTO, Industrial Info Resources (IIR), Genscape, EIA, EPA and utility data
    • More aggregative operational data from EIA, EPA, California Energy Commission (CEC), NERC, FERC, WECC
  • Green Energy:  EIA, EPA, APX, CCFX, Air Now
  • Financial Exchanges: ICE, CME/NYMEX
  • Weather: AccuWeather, WSI, WSJ, EarthSat, Weather Underground, Environment Canada
  • Climate & Hydrology: NOAA, SNOTEL, USAC, BPA, BCH
Data from north America
Figure 2: A list of some of the data sources that ZEMA gathers information in North America. Source: ZE.

Despite this glut of information, users can perform a number of different market analyses. With it, they can manipulate large-scale financial market data, run comparisons of operations data, and make market projections using collective market opinions.

Data From Europe

The ‘ZEMA Data Universe’ for European markets collects data from sources including:

  • Generation/Transmission:
    • Detailed open markets and power exchange data
    • More general LCH.Clearnet, ICIS-Heren, EtsoVista data
  • Green Energy: ICE, EVO, BLUNEXT

Weather: MeteoGroup, RP5, FORECA

Data From Europ
Figure 3: A list of some of the data sources that ZEMA gathers information in Europe. Source: ZE.

Data From Asia and Australia  

The ‘ZEMA Data Universe’ for Asia collects data from sources including Turkey electricity market data (TEAS, TURKDEX), Dubai Mercantile Exchange (DME), Singapore power market (SGX), China exchanges (ZCR, SHFE, DCE), and Japan (TOCOM) energy exchange data.

The ZEMA Data Universe for Australia collects data from the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO).

Faster Data For Everyone

The volume of data available to energy and commodity market participants continues to grow. However organizations can now choose to remove the burdens that come with the complexities of data management using ZEMA.

ZE can collect whatever data sources are requested by our clients. And we can also advise on any new sources we think might be relevant to them.  For further information visit our website.

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