Data as A Service and When to Use It

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Today, many businesses are using Data as a Service (DaaS) throughout their enterprise. But, people in the same organizations find it hard to understand what DaaS is and the benefits it can potentially provide. This is the reason we have taken upon ourselves to answer the what, the how, and the why of DaaS.

What is Data as a Service (DaaS)

The amount of data available to businesses is increasing each day. Recognizing the value of this data, most forward-thinking businesses are leveraging it to make key business decisions. However, data management is complex and costly for organizations to maintain. Often organizations do not have a clear data strategy, are dependent of ad hoc or even manual data collection processes or when they do have a mature data management practices it comes at a very high overhead.

In order to offset these issues, it might be more practical for a business to outsource their data needs to the cloud. This is where Data as a Service (DaaS) come in.

Data as a Service facilitates the provision and distribution of business-critical data over a cloud based network. A cost-effective and convenient solution for both customer and client-oriented organizations, DaaS provides the business-critical data in a secure, timely and affordable manner.

DaaS disregards geographical and organizational separation between providers and consumers to supply useful data to users on- demand. Moreover, it accommodates critical data in a single location, allowing multiple users to access and/or modify data via the same platform, eliminating redundancy and reducing related expenditures. Following are some of the benefits that define DaaS:

  • Valuable, re-usable, and uniform — DaaS has value across multiple projects, and that value is designed to outlast and surpass the value of the systems first using the data services.
  • Secure — the data security provided by DaaS is uniform and ever-present.
  • Valuable data formats and services — DaaS focuses on the development of valuable data formats and services.

When to Use Data as a Service (DaaS)

Today, many businesses are employing the DaaS strategy. There are many things that necessitate the use of DaaS and following are some of them:

  • Enriching data to confidently manage the business operations and underlying risks
  • Ensuring messages reach their intended targets
  • Enabling people within the enterprise to access data: as a service, available instantly, anywhere, on demand

An “as a service” approach, DaaS brings the same advantages as a Cloud computing platform does, the only difference being that its benefits pertain to Data Management, making it ideal for any company that wants to leverage data for business success.


At ZE, we provide a range of solutions. One of those solutions is Data as a Service. We get better money from Enterprise solutions but there are many people for which that is overkill. We’d like to explain what data as a service is and when you should use it without cannibalizing our enterprise offering. This could be positioned that we are offering Data as a Service for clients who do not need enterprise solutions or cannot afford them or for small scale projects.

Get in touch with us today! to find out more.

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