Complimentary Webinar for Professionals Working with Market Data

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We often see some of the brightest minds in companies spending thousands of valuable hours manually collecting and validating data. This is time that could be better spent analyzing it, so companies can focus on the making those all important business decisions.

However simplifying the complexity of the data management process is not so easy.

In one week’s time – that’s June 19th, 2013 at 9am Central Time Zone – my colleagues at ZE PowerGroup Inc will be hosting a webinar on our award-winning product the ZEMA Suite, where we will be discussing how our data management solution can cater to the above along with numerous other challenges faced by companies working within energy, commodities and financial markets.

So who should attend ‘The ZEMA Suite: A Complimentary Webinar’ on Wednesday next week?

Are You A Business Analyst?

Various ISO Power Market Data Sources. Source: ZE
Various ISO Power Market Data Sources. Source: ZE

Whether you’re a Business Analyst trying to keep a handle on the disparate nature of our diverse marketplaces, including managing increasing levels of new data coming on stream and additional new rules and regulatory requirements …

 Or A Market Trader?

Various factors such as gas prices, weather updates and power generation can affect market trends. Source: ZE
Various factors such as gas prices, weather and power generation can affect market trends. Source: ZE

… Or a Market Trader needing to run smarter analysis on different data because you know different factors, such as the weather, prices and power generation, can have varying impacts on market trends …

Or An IT Manager?

Integrating your information with different downstream systems can be complex. Source: ZE
Integrating your data with various downstream systems can be complex. Source: ZE

… Or an IT Manager who wants to ease the burden of integrating different applications on different platforms, so to ensure information can be shared easily across your organization in a correct and timely manner…

ZEMA can cater for you.

We promise faster data, smarter analytics and easier integration with downstream systems.


ZE has been serving the data management needs of the energy sector as software developer and consultancy since 1995. From our head office here on Canada’s west coast, we have gained a deep understanding of the kind of data collection and data analyses that are required to support oil and gas markets.

In the last decade we have developed our awarding-winning software solution ZEMA, which provides data management, analytics, and integration services for organizations involved in these markets. Right now this technology is being used by some of the World’s top oil and gas companies, the majority of whom feature in the Fortune 500 global energy trading companies list, as well as by the World’s leading and most diverse derivative marketplace.

Next week our webinar will be focusing on the following key areas:

  • Standardize and centralize your data in the one location
  • Perform complex data analysis in a fraction of the time
  • Integrate your  data seamlessly with any third-party downstream system

There will be time at the end for some Q & A.


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