Canvas Mode Enhances ZEMA Visualization Capabilities

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shutterstock_105428837Visualization tools make interpreting data reports much easier; ZEMA users already have powerful visual functionalities that enable the display of data in a variety of different formats for easy analysis. However, there are times when the best, easiest way to gain the insight you need would be to compare two or more graphs side by side and visually identify discrepancies or points of interest.

Canvas Mode is a new feature of ZEMA that allows you to do just that. Canvas Mode provides a powerful enhancement to ZEMA’s visualization capabilities, allowing you to view and edit multiple profiles at once in a freeform, user-defined canvas area. The Canvas feature eliminates the need to switch between profiles for comparison.

Further, Canvas also allows you to visualize data directly from the database without having to create a profile. If you are in the middle of analysis and realize you need some data that you haven’t previously saved in a profile- you can simply create a data sheet and pull it into the Canvas for a visual representation.

At ZE, we try to anticipate what our clients need and constantly improve our products accordingly. Canvas Mode was developed to empower ZEMA users, and will be available to clients as a complimentary upgrade.

To learn more about Canvas Mode, watch our short video.

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