ZEMA 4: Bookmarking The Right Data Sources And Analysis For Energy And Commodities Markets

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It was used for the first time a long time ago and was probably nothing too fancy.  Maybe a strip of paper, a piece of fabric or even a simple ribbon. To this day, it’s still placed between the pages of a book to mark the spot the reader wants to return to at a later stage.

The bookmark – no matter what form it takes, its basic principle remains the same: a simple tool that saves you time by marking the spot to important information.

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In this age of technology, web browsers and other applications serve the same purpose as the trusty old paper bookmark. Whether it is referred to as a bookmark or a favorite, it gives us quick access to information and helps us keep track of the references we need.

Traders, business analysts, risk managers and IT professionals working in energy and commodities industries all need a quick-and-easy solution to access the most up-to-date data and information.

However dealing with cumbersome front ends or having an over-reliance on completely separate analysis systems, which often don’t seem to integrate naturally, can be time-wasting and very frustrating.

Of course it’s not just about having quick access to data, but access to those all-important formulas and analysis techniques used for making important make-or-break business decisions.

If you work with data management systems on a regular basis, and find yourself building the same analysis time and time again, at ZE we have a solution for you.

One of the many features of ZEMA 4 – the latest version of the award-winning ZEMA Suite, which is due to be released in April–  now offers users the ability to save formulas, data sources and queries to a ‘Favorites’ section for fast retrieval.

‘Favorites’ gives you the option to save your data sources as they are or however you’ve manipulated the data – be it through filtering, forward analysis or extrapolation. You can also save your most used formulas and build complex nested formulas for use in your analysis.

‘Favorites’ also allows you to save the work you’ve already done and ensure this knowledge can be shared effectively across your company.

Watch this space to learn more about some of the new features of ZEMA 4, which promises to help you and your company work more efficiently.

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