An Analyst’s Experience of ZEMA 4 – Faster, Smarter, Easier Data Management

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As an analyst at ZE, I have been fortunate to work with ZEMA 4 during its development and now its launch.  Internally, a lot of excitement has been generated around this product; we’re eager to get ZEMA 4 into the hands of our clients and show it off to as many people as we can.

So what’s all of the excitement about? For me, it comes from my experience of using the software to perform different analyses over the past few months. The tag line ‘Faster, Smarter, Easier’ aptly describes my experience with the new Market Analyzer tool.

ZEMA 4 has helped me get access to data faster. I now have a library of ‘favorite’ data sources preconfigured with forward analysis and filters that I can drag and drop into my document. Any complex formulas I use frequently are also saved for easy access. This allows me to respond quickly to requests for analysis.

ZEMA 4 is also smarter because the interface is more intelligent. Each piece of software is represented in a tab along the top allowing for quick access to each application. The interface also allows users to customize their input screen to suit their particular needs. I frequently work with forward curves and now I can add the forecast date as a column to my analysis and edit it inline. These are just a few of the simple ways that ZEMA 4 works smarter for its users.

Overall ZEMA 4 has made my analysis easier. The graphing and output options are intuitive and I can access the raw data, add intelligence and output it to multiple graphs and a table. I can filter the table, add threshold and series bands and add conditional formatting all from the results tab. The graphs are ready to be used in a presentation and all preferences and settings are saved with my analysis for future use. And this can all be done in a matter of minutes.

Our team here is excited to be releasing ZEMA 4. Chad Ellison, our product developer has worked tirelessly with his team to deliver a product that is truly top of the line. Our executives are excited about this product because it continues pushing the boundaries of what people expect from a data management suite. To learn more about ZEMA 4 and how it can solve your data management needs, visit our website, watch our video and best of all contact us for a live demonstration tailored for your company.

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