Allegro and ZE: A Partnership With A Purpose

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As Manager of Business Development, part of my role is to build relationships with companies with whom I feel there will be a synergy that will benefit our clients. The partnerships that result from these engagements fall into several categories ranging from simply swapping logos on our web sites to actively referring one another to prospects and clients. Occasionally, however, the two companies decide to work together to build something that vastly improves the value to clients. Over the past year, Allegro Development and ZE have worked hard to create this value, and in recognition of this work, ZE was recently honored with the Innovator of the Year Award by Allegro.

ZE understood that to maximize the potential of a trade and risk system such as Allegro, the data feed must be fast, flexible and accurate, and the forward curve construction must be automated and pushed to the system in real time. To that end, ZE’s enterprise data management system, ZEMA, was developed to provide data capture, analytical capabilities and a fully automated curve workflow engine. The suite integrates seamlessly with Allegro ETRM software solutions through Allegro’s Price Connect component or directly through ZE’s service layer, providing critical and timely curve and market related data. The tandem of ZEMA and Allegro provides a fully automated and integrated enterprise platform used for critical trade and risk processes.

Moreover, our work does not stop there, as both partners understand that clients and prospects must be given the opportunity to understand how the ZEMA-Allegro tandem will improve their bottom line. To that end we look forward to demonstrating our vision of how companies can simplify access to critical information required for better decision making in upcoming events in Houston on April 10th and in Geneva on May 17th. For more information on these events please contact me at

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