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“It is easy to complicate matters, the challenge is in simplifying the complex.”
— Zak

ZEMA Market Analyzer

Over the past few years ZE PowerGroup and the ZEMA Suite have become highly recognized within the energy, trade and risk management sectors. The ZEMA Suite has been named Data Management House of the Year twice (Energy Risk Awards), ranked 1st in all data management categories including customer service (Energy Risk Survey), and was also listed as a Cool Vendor in Energy and Utilities (Gartner’s Cool Vendors Report).

Market Analyzer (MA) is a part of ZEMA Suite. It is the powerful web based analytical software created to convert data into competitive intelligence. Designed specifically for the energy market, MA provides business intelligence to support trade, risk management, operations, and settlement processes in the energy industry. You can also extract, transform, and analyze data into reports, charts, and graphs for easy visualization and reporting.

The simple yet powerful tool can be utilized by any individual no matter the skill level. MA is also provided with many pre-defined analyses to make your work easier. these include spark spreads, heat rates, volatility and more. MA is also built in with forward curve capabilities which can be constructed in only a few minutes.

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