How Forward Curve Tools Manage Higher Volatility and Illiquid Markets

In many markets, information concerning forward prices is not available, making the direct modeling of forward curves a difficult task. With derivatives usually written on forward contracts and based on average prices of forward contracts, it is difficult to obtain analytical expressions for forward curves. Because of recent price volatility, organizations are increasingly looking to […]

How the US Shale Gas Revolution Curtailed Asian Petrochemicals: Analyzing Market Trends Using ZEMA

Petrochemical Trouble Brewing in the Middle Kingdom On April 28, 2014, Reuters and other sources reported that Sinopec Corp, the largest petrochemical producer in China, had put on hold a massive $3.1 billion USD ethylene plant in Qingdao, a refinery hub in China’s Shandong province.[1] The official reason cited was a safety reassessment, following last November’s […]

Streamline Data Integration with the ZEMA-FutureSource Solution

Data management continues to be a challenge for the participants in the global energy and commodity industry. Microsoft conducted a survey interviewing 282 major IT decision-makers in 2013 and concluded that 49% of respondents rated managing data growth as “extremely challenging” when managing their companies’ business intelligence, 41% rating integrating disparate BI tools as “extremely […]

ZEMA: Data Security Solution for Market Participants

Myth: Encryption makes your data secure. Fact: Encryption is only one way to secure data. Other methods (often used together) include access control, data integrity, system availability, and auditing. Data security refers to protective digital privacy measures that are applied to prevent unauthorized users from accessing computers, databases, and websites or corrupting data.[1] Some organizations […]

Complimentary ZE and WG Consulting Webinar: ZEMA Data Integration with Spotfire

Information systems are the backbone of businesses that rely upon data to enhance their decision making processes. Data within most organizations is replicated across a number of such systems, including customer relationship management (CRM), energy trading and risk management (ETRM), and business intelligence (BI) systems such as Spotfire. These downstream systems have different capabilities and requirements […]