Data-Driven Decision-Making: Minimizing Risk through Automation

The Information Technology landscape has been transformative for many industries for the past five years, especially for the finance and commodity markets. For the Insurance and Reinsurance industry, IT infrastructure and data-driven decision-making tools need to catch up. Multiple factors, such as a rapidly expanding data universe, cloud, and distributed technologies, and highly granular and […]

How ZEMA Effectively Breaks Down Data Silos

Organizational silos are problematic because they can lead to informational discrepancies between business departments which operate independently of one another. Data silos are extremely detrimental for two main reasons: their inflexible composition limits the amount of sharable resources, and they induce high operating costs due to a need for additional management personnel and large amounts […]

Industry Leading Data Management and Analysis Software Systems: Some Terms

ZE PowerGroup® provides robust data management and analysis software tools that help corporations with their trade and risk related activities. These tools have been developed across a wide range of customer types as related to energy and commodities. The ZEMA software tools enable superior decision support for corporations by providing powerful management and analysis capabilities […]

Free Pre-conference Workshop: Developing the Corporate Trade and Risk Infrastructure from the Front Office to the Back Office

FYI: Energy and Commodities Enterprise Data Management Conference is bringing together friends in the energy and commodities industries for two days of a valuable information exchange and networking. If you are coming, do not miss a workshop “Developing the Corporate Trade and Risk Infrastructure from the Front Office to the Back Office”, on Tuesday October […]