Platts Global Crude Oil Summit: Stay on Top of the Recent Trends in Oil Benchmarks with ZEMA

The oil pricing landscape is facing critical changes as regional activities surrounding established benchmarks are impacting markets on a global scale. Asia’s lower-than-anticipated appetite for crude oil, coupled with the misconception that all production will be dominated by the Middle East, suggests a potential re-emergence of West Texas Intermediate (WTI) as the international price reference.1 […]

Keeping Track of Petroleum Products Involves More than Following Bears and Bulls

Predicting the direction of future oil price movements is not an easy path. What does it take to manage financial risks for parties affected by volatile oil price movements? Ever since the 1980s, when the first petroleum financial derivatives started being traded on NYMEX and the International Petroleum Exchange (renamed ICE Futures in 2005),the set […]

Globalization of the Natural Gas Market and North American Impact: Data Changes That Can’t Be Ignored

On-demand access to accurate pricing data is pivotal for market players in the oil and gas industry to make better and timelier strategic decisions in order to drive their core business activities. Now more than ever, with the production of oil and gas reaching unprecedented new highs, organizations in this industry cannot afford to ignore […]