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The Future of the Natural Gas Market: Part Two

The July 2014 edition of ZE DataWatch included the first In Depth article in this two-part series about geopolitical and market trends affecting the global natural gas market. Last month’s article discussed current events impacting global supply; this month’s post will address demand. Introduction: Trends in Global Demand The global natural gas market has become more dynamic in ...
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Operator Outputs from US Oil and Natural Gas Resource Plays Continues to Leapfrog

Perhaps the most striking thing upstream companies revealed in their recent round of second quarter calls was the astounding production increases from US unconventional plays brought about by an array of tweaks to well drilling and completion techniques. One tactic they’re using to eke more hydrocarbons from the ground is optimized well spacing — configuring wells ...
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ZE at LDC Gas Forum Southeast Conference: Data Management and the Polar Vortex

ZE attended the 14th Annual LDC Gas Forum Southeast Conference from April 13th-16th held at the Intercontinental Buckhead in Atlanta, Georgia. This well-orchestrated event was one of five regional LDC Gas Forum conferences held annually to bring together buyers and sellers in the natural gas industry, and industry leaders discussing timely issues. ZE attends all ...
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Gas Market & the Crimean Crisis: Economic Realities vs. Political Maneuvers

On March 18, 2014, Russia’s annexation of Crimea- formerly of the Ukraine- became official. This move sparked international condemnation, most notably from the Western powers, which threated to retaliate with a series of sanctions against the Russian oil and gas sector. About 80 percent of Russian gas exports to Europe pass through Ukraine; in 2013, Europe ...
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Globalization of the Natural Gas Market and North American Impact: Data Changes That Can’t Be Ignored

On-demand access to accurate pricing data is pivotal for market players in the oil and gas industry to make better and timelier strategic decisions in order to drive their core business activities. Now more than ever, with the production of oil and gas reaching unprecedented new highs, organizations in this industry cannot afford to ignore ...
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