How Analysis of Energy Markets Data Could Have Helped to Foresee the Conflict in the Northwest

Those of you who follow power industry developments in the Pacific Northwest could not have missed the collision between wind power generators and the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA). While the parties continue fighting in courts, I decided to find an answer to the question: could the conflict have been predicted and maybe even prevented in […]

ZE Partnership with the Oxford Princeton Programme

ZE PowerGroup Inc. ® (ZE) has reached a working partnership with The Oxford Princeton Programme, the world’s leading provider of education and training solutions to the energy, commodity and derivatives industries. The partnership will enable the Oxford Princeton Programme to use ZE’s Enterprise Data Management (EDM) software for market discovery and analysis in its educational […]

De-Mystifying ZEMA

With so many solution offerings in the data space, it is often difficult to differentiate the value proposition between them. At a first glance, the ZEMA Suite™ may look similar to other data management solutions on the market, but once clients get a deeper look, they quickly find out how unique and empowering ZEMA really […]