Complexity From All Directions – Learn How to Stay Ahead of the Curve at This Year’s ZE Hosted Vancouver Conference

It’s conference season!  We are halfway through 2012 and so far this year ZE has held two successful Lunch and Learn events in Geneva and Boston, and has sponsored, exhibited and presented at a number of other events throughout North America and Europe.  We have a number of Lunch and Learn workshops planned throughout the […]

Shale Gas Brings More Complications: Notes on History of Natural Gas Price Forecast Development

Natural gas has been a hot topic on the news for reasons rather unorthodox—low prices and expectation of an overwhelming abundance of natural gas resulting from technological achievements in shale gas recovery (improved hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling). Fueled by the US government’s expectations of a supply of natural gas to last nearly 100 years, […]

Price Disconnect in Commodity Markets Amplified by Complexity of Data

The increasing complexly of data is creating an “information gap” in commodity markets that could be causing commodity prices not to follow the logic of underlining economic fundamentals. In the study Financialized Commodity Markets: Recent Developments and Policy Issues released last month, the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development recommended governments that they find […]

Smart Grid 2.0: From the Meter to the Trading Floor

Last week I attended Distributech 2011 in San Diego. What I came away with was the sense that we are well on the way to sorting out the many operational complexities associated with installing and connecting millions of smart meters across the country. Demand response, time of use billing, outage management and ways of tying in renewables are all well on their way to becoming entrenched as standard operational functions. So what is the next stage in the development of the Smart Grid?

ZE Partnership with the Oxford Princeton Programme

ZE PowerGroup Inc. ® (ZE) has reached a working partnership with The Oxford Princeton Programme, the world’s leading provider of education and training solutions to the energy, commodity and derivatives industries. The partnership will enable the Oxford Princeton Programme to use ZE’s Enterprise Data Management (EDM) software for market discovery and analysis in its educational […]