CAISO Dealing with Renewable Generation: Staying Competitive with More Data

The ever-evolving deregulated power markets in North America are certainly keeping market participants on their toes. As data volumes and publication frequencies increase, so does the risk of making misinformed business decisions. With the growing influence of environmental regulations on the power markets, along with advancements in electrical grid technologies, market players must stay on […]

Impact on Data Collection from Extending MISO’s Empire with MISO South

At midnight on December 18, 2013, the Midcontinent Independent System Operator (MISO) successfully integrated four additional regions of the electric grid in the southern United States to their existing footprint, effectively expanding it from Manitoba, Canada to the Gulf of Mexico. While this integration will certainly provide benefits to both new and existing members, this […]

Is Pumped Energy Storage the Future of Renewable Energy?

The interconnected network that delivers electricity from producers to consumers, known as the “electric grid,” is facing new changes. Mandatory renewable energy targets are being adopted worldwide, meaning electricity suppliers are required to obtain a specific percentage of their total electricity from intermittent renewable energy sources. Wherever intermittent power sources reach high levels of grid […]