Managing Data in the Face of a Black Swan Event

I recently attended an energy trade and risk management conference in London and had the fortune of seeing first-hand the realities of our interconnected world and its effect on managing risk. The Tunisian and Egyptian governments had just fallen in the face of popular uprisings and Libya seemed to be on the verge of a civil war. Blackberries were buzzing full time all around me as companies wanted to know their exposure to this unexpected risk that was unfolding in North Africa and had the potential to spill over to the Middle East. Compiling this uncertainty, we are now faced with the prospect of a nuclear meltdown at several reactors following the catastrophic earthquake in Japan.
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Protected: ZEMA Suite Blog: Data Management is Ready

The ZEMA Suite Blog has been in works since early March of this year. After some heavy renovations and structural changes we are ready and proud to announce our blog's presence. ZEMA Suite Blog is presented by ZE PowerGroup Inc., the developer of the ZEMATM data management and analysis solution which collects data related to coal, power, gas, crude, financial, weather, emissions, hydrology and others.
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Natural Gas Projections: Can We Handle Any More Factors?

Do you remember the time when the natural gas outlook, especially on the supply side, was, let’s say ... a bit less surprising than now? Natural gas was a truly local commodity with well-defined storage capacity, transportation system and proven reserves. Do you remember when major disruptions arose from pipeline damages of different kinds and you were watching hurricanes developing in Atlantic?
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Who’s afraid of the whistleblower?

As Gensler and the Democrats continue to face off against the Republicans and Wall Street over the consequences of the Dodd-Frank Act, one thing is clear; corporations will continue to try to mitigate their exposure to risk through greater oversight of the information they handle and process. This is not simply because they had trouble figuring out their real risk exposure during the collapse of the financial markets in 2008, but also due to the greater transparency required in their transactions, and new incentives for whistleblowers to turn them in.
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Smart Grid 2.0: From the Meter to the Trading Floor

Last week I attended Distributech 2011 in San Diego. What I came away with was the sense that we are well on the way to sorting out the many operational complexities associated with installing and connecting millions of smart meters across the country. Demand response, time of use billing, outage management and ways of tying in renewables are all well on their way to becoming entrenched as standard operational functions. So what is the next stage in the development of the Smart Grid?
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