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This week ZE’s electronic magazine, DataWatch, is celebrating two occasions. Exactly a year ago ZE launched its first issue with a goal to keep our clients and readers up-to-date with data news from energy and commodities markets. This idea had been brewing for a while and came to fruition as a natural outcome of our interaction with clients, working on consulting projects, and the development of our award-winning data management software, ZEMA. Understanding how complex and dynamic the data universe is, we decided to launch a service which would simplify and highlight the major energy and commodities market data news, which can easily, at the current publishing rate, escape one’s attention. We also wanted to share our knowledge and expertise with a wider audience, as well as help our readers find the most relevant news. So, we created a brand-new website (www.datawatch.ze.com) that, not only has a vast volume of data-related news, but also offers a search functionality that allows users to filter the information based on the data source, market, and the type of product.

Another unique feature of ZE DataWatch is the addition of a color-coded “status” to each piece of news, allowing users to quickly see what it relates to: whether a new product has been added to the market, data is being removed from circulation, or there are potential changes to data that organizations should be aware of.

The website covers a wide range of markets, from power and fossil fuels to agriculture and weather. The In Depth section offers a detailed analysis of market trends and how they might affect market data. Meanwhile the News from Data Vendors section is an opportunity for data providers to report their own news. Taking advantage of ZEMA’s analytical and visualization capabilities, we powered some of the news with graphs offering even more market insight.

Our goal was to make the website easy to navigate, easy to read and easy to look at. We invite you to explore it and send us your feedback via our contact email. We will continue publishing ZE DataWatch in a PDF form on a monthly basis and, if you wish to have it delivered directly to your inbox, please fill out the subscription form available here. Please visit the website frequently, as more features and updates will be added very shortly.

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