ZE Datawatch eMagazine September 2014

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In this month’s issue, Olga Gorstenko’s editorial letter celebrates the third anniversary of ZE DataWatch, revisiting both the original purpose of the magazine and the ways in which the markets it evaluates have changed over time. Aiman El-Ramly’s In Depth article reviews the history of the U.S. electricity market since the inception of Thomas Edison’s Electric Light Company, focusing on the deleterious effects that the industry’s boom and bust cycles have had. Numerous short articles provide updates on BVC’s new index, which measures the impact of the “Create a Better Country” campaign on social media platforms, the successful launch of LME Clear, and more.

More News This Month

Energy Imbalance Market Launched by CAISO and PacifiCorp

WAPA Begins Renewable Energy Certificate Program

Platts to Begin Publishing Libyan Crude Mesla OSP

Argus Adds Assessments to US West Coast Products and Air Daily Publications

NGX Renames Syncrude Oil Markets

Argus Introduces New European Natural Gas Assessments

CME to List Illinois Basin Physically Delivered Coal Futures on NYMEX

Argus Replaces Coal API3 Assessment

ZCE Begins New Ferroalloy Futures

Euronext Creates Southern European Banks Index

Montreal Exchange Licenses the Eris Methodology for Canadian Dollar Swap Futures

Eurex Introduces Euro-Swap Futures

ForexClear Includes Peruvian Nuevo Sol in List of Cleared Currencies

BVC Invites Government to Consolidate Capital Market

G.H. Financials Becomes Member of Eurex Clearing

DataWatch September 2014

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