ZE DataWatch eMagazine – September 2012

DataWatch is celebrating its first anniversary with the launch of its own website, www.datawatch.ze.com. We are looking back and reminiscing about the markets  and changes in data sources and data reports. Emerging markets, European  financial turmoil and the growing importance of natural gas and crude oil have remained the primary focus throughout the year.

In the September Issue

  • Natural gas expands its representation on CME platforms with 15 new contracts
  • CME Globex hosts 149 natural gas NYMEX futures
  • California gets ready for the first carbon auction
  • CSAPR derivatives delisted as the rule is dismissed in court
  • 2018 is the year when Australia and the EU merge their carbon trading
  • Xetra has reached 1,000 ETFs available for trade
  • CME is bringing a new exchange to the UK
  • FERC increases the transparency through Digital Government Strategy

To enable links in the document, download the full PDF here:

September 2012

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