Whenever a discussion develops around the power industry, the thought of storage is not something that immediately comes to mind. Nevertheless, it has been recently drawing more attention from regulators and newsmakers. Interestingly enough, storage, as a solution, is being viewed as a panacea for seemingly opposing, at least from environmental perspective, sources of power generation: renewables and coal.

More News This Month

- NGX Adds Texas Physical Power Clearing Services
- CME Adds Tennessee, Texas Natural Gas Futures
- Platts Launches Portland, Seattle Suboctane Gasoline Assessments
- EIA Launches Monthly Drilling Productivity Report
- Argus Adds Australia Daily LNG Index Series Assessments
- IHS Releases Next Generation of IHS AccuMap
- NCDEX Launches Guar Seed Futures
- ICE to Add Canola Futures
- NYSE Euronext Lists Gold Bullion Securities in Brussels
- Eurex to Launch Six Currency Pair Derivatives
- Xetra Launches Daily Hedged Energy ETC
- TMX Adds CDN Implied Volatility, Greeks Analytics Feed
- ISE Gemini Adds 200 Products, Full Penny Pilot
- HKEx Starts Orion Market Data Platform Rollout
- GFI Approved to Run Swap Execution Facility
- EEX Approves New Derivatives Market Trading System
- Deutsche Börse Approves €1 billion RWE Prime Standard Bond
- Nodal Exchange to Begin Operation as DCM
- ICAP SEF Receives CFTC Application Approval
- LCH.Clearnet Receives OSC Clearing Agency Recognition
- Barchart Adds New Market Data and Commodities Trading Platform

DataWatch October 2013