ZE DataWatch eMagazine – October 2012

South East Asian electricity market designs and their development are not identical, and a one size fits all approach is not applicable due to a difference in social, cultural, economic and political variables.

In the October Issue

  • ICE clears its first LNG swap and Platts launches LNG data page
  • Weather Underground’s customers can become a part of the reporting network
  • New Canadian Regulation for GHG emissions is hard on coal-fired power plants
  • Ibovespa index reflected in CME futures
  • CME decay variable quantity energy products weighted against the time to maturity
  • Spread Crawler by ISE and MEB Options Allows Monitoring of Customized Spread Orders
  • Trading on Montreal Exchange made easy with online trading platform
  • APX-ENDEX separates its gas and power businesses; ICE takes a majority position in NG entity
  • The new virtual natural hub for the Belgian gas market
  • US used lead acid batteries get their assessment by Platts
  • EEX runs EUA auctions for the Czech Republic and Germany

To enable links in the document, download the full PDF here:

ZE DataWatch – October 2012

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