ZE DataWatch eMagazine – May 2013

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Since the 1970s, the U.S. energy independence has been a transferable torch to be carried by different political leaders from different political parties. This torch has led the bearers, either the elected presidents or just those in the making, to bright outcomes by solidifying their success. The independence, though, has yet to be achieved.

Throughout the length of the long and winding road of the United States’ history of seeking an elusive energy independence, the only thing that has remained unchanged is the goal of reducing the imports of oil; all other parameters and drivers in this crusade have been revised, updated, supplemented or recycled.

In May Issue:

  • NASDAQ OMX Launches European Price Area Contracts
  • ICE Launches Four Crude Contracts for Brent and Dubai
  • CME Group to List Natural Gas Variance Futures
  • Platts Launches eWindow Tool for European Propane Derivatives
  • NASDAQ OMX Launches Freight and Fuel Oil Futures and Options
  • Platts to Discontinue Certain Dirty Tanker Rate Assessments
  • NCDEX Introduces e-mandis
  • NOS Launches NASDAQ Salmon Index
  • DCE to Start Egg Futures Trading
  • Platts Ceases Weekly Japan and China Molybdenum Assessments
  • Weather Underground Introduce Earth Day Microsite
  • Accuweather Adds Seven New Apps to StoryTeller System
  • ICE Launches Four New Credit Index Futures
  • NYSE Euronext Launches SME Marketplace
  • Wall Street Journal Launches Turkish Website
  • ISE Presents New Options Exchange, ISE Gemini™
  • Wall Street Journal Launches Moneybeat Blog
  • Clearstream and Standard Chartered: a Global Liquidity Hub

DataWatch May 2013

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