ZE DataWatch eMagazine – May 2012

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Welcome to ZE DataWatch — your May issue.

ZE DataWatch is a monthly online publication that keeps you ahead of the curve with news and information about data and data management and how they affect your business.

In the May Issue

  • New LNG products are offered by Argus and a group of data providers to meet the growing demand for the commodity in Asia and Europe.
  • CAISO increases transparency in reporting renewable power generation in real time.
  • European market price coupling is coming along; Nord Pool to develop a common reference price virtual hub for Britain.
  • Growing importance of LNG to Europe and Asia prompted Argus and CME to introduce new set of products targeting these regions.
  • U.S. Northwest has a new tool developed by NOAA to watch for tsunamis.
  • EPA introduces two types of tools to assist with environmental assessment for project planning.
  • South Korea and Mexico are taking charge in their own battles against climate change.

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DataWatch – May 2012

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