ZE DataWatch eMagazine – March 2013

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It was the pending offering of social media sentiment statistics by NYSE Technologies and Social Market Analytics that triggered my interest in how energy businesses are handling the current social media craze.

In the March issue:

  • CAISO and PacifiCorp Aim for a Real-time Energy Market
  • Gasunie Launches ENDEX Derivatives and Spot Gas Exchange
  • Argus Announced the First Australian OTC Coal Deal
  • CME Expands Brent Last Day Futures Contract Months
  • SMX Launches E-Silver Futures
  • CME Launches Implied Inter-Exchange MGEX-KCBT Spread
  • CME Transitions KCBT to Chicago Trading Floor
  • EPA Updates Greenhouse Gas Emissions Data
  • Eurex to Offer Direct Market Access in South Korea
  • Wall Street Journal Launches NYINDEX
  • NYSE and SMA to Distribute Social Media Analysis NOAA Will Add New Arctic Nautical Charts
  • NOAA Will Add New Arctic Nautical Charts

DataWatch March 2013

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